Develop value-added solutions to drive Africa’s economic growth – Valentine Obi for Startups and Innovators

Valentine Obi, Founder and Group CEO of eTranzact Global Valentine Obi, Founder and Group CEO of eTranzact Global

Founder and CEO of eTranzact Global Valentine Obi has called on startups and innovators in Africa to develop solutions that will drive value addition to the continent’s economic and social growth.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the recently concluded 3i Africa Summit in Accra, Obi cited mobile money penetration as a good example of a solution that delivers value.

“We need to build important services around solutions that add the necessary value for the people who will use them. We must first understand the value of what we are selling or proposing because once people see the value, it will be easier for them to adopt these solutions,” Obi said.

“I have had experiences in the past, especially in northern Nigeria, where farmers did not have mobile phones to communicate or access the market. But once they understood the value of the solution we (eTranzact) brought, they didn’t need any further promotion because they could see the real value of how the solution would save them money and improve their livelihoods,” he added.

Obi emphasized that at eTranzact Global, the emphasis is on adding value when developing solutions for users.

During the summit, Valentine Obi shared his journey, growth secrets and challenges as a fintech founder in a session titled “Rejection meets perseverance, my growth secret.”

The 3i Africa Summit aimed to drive momentum for Africa’s digital finance agenda, promoting conversations and alliances to support the continent’s digital economy and fintech sector, while promoting innovative solutions.

The summit was organized by the Bank of Ghana (BoG), Development Bank Ghana (DBG) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) through its subsidiary Elevandi.