India News | Baramulla records impressive turnout, cities continue with ‘urban apathy’

New Delhi, May 20 (PTI) The Election Commission on Monday regretted that constituencies in several cities such as Mumbai, Thane, Nashik and Lucknow have continued the trend of ‘urban apathy’ as noted in the 2019 Assembly polls.

However, it noted that both celebrities and ordinary citizens in Mumbai waited patiently for their turn to cast their votes.

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Celebrities from different walks of life are working with the Commission to motivate voters to exercise their right to vote in the elections, the commission said.

Several such motivational videos were uploaded on their social media platforms.

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Also on Sunday, the Commission pointed out that Mumbai, Thane and Lucknow have shown apathy towards voting in the past and asked these city residents to attend in larger numbers.

The poll authority had noted that these cities have “suffered” from urban apathy in voting in the past.

“The Commission specifically calls on these city residents to erase the stigma by showing up in greater numbers,” the report said.

Also on May 3, the Commission, referring to turnout in phase two elections, had said it was “disappointed” with the level of turnout in some major cities.

The EC had gathered many metro commissioners here last month to chalk out a strategy to combat urban apathy.

Urban and youth apathy is described as a phenomenon where young voters and people living in the metro do not come to the polling stations on election day.

So far, the last four phases have recorded a turnout of 66.95 percent.

On May 13, the Srinagar Lok Sabha constituency recorded a polling of around 38 per cent, the second highest in several decades, while Baramulla on Monday recorded an all-time high voter turnout of 59 per cent.

About 45.1 crore voters have exercised their franchise in the last four phases. As in February this year, the total number of voters was around 97 crore.

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