Don’t buy a house in these 12 American cities that are overcrowded

Deciding whether to buy a house in a city, live in a suburb or in the countryside can be a challenge. Being close to the action comes with a higher cost of living, higher demand for housing and higher utilities, expenses, real estate prices and taxes. And a lot of people.

If you like your space, there may be better places to buy a home or settle down with a rental property than in the larger metropolitan areas. But not all cities with large populations are cramped. When looking at a city, it is important to see how densely populated the city is to determine if it is too busy or overcrowded for your taste.

For example, Los Angeles is the second most populous city in America, according to a July 1, 2023 population estimate of 3,820,914. But it’s also spread over 170 square miles, giving it a population density of about 8,304, which puts it lower on the list of the busiest cities in the US (#27 on’s Most Crowded Cities in America ranking).

In terms of land, the four largest cities in the United States are all in Alaska: Sitka, Juneau, Wrangell and Anchorage. But their combined population is approximately 325,000, with over 87% of them coming from Anchorage. Anchorage is one of the least populated ‘big’ cities in America, with a population density of approximately 169 inhabitants in an area of ​​1,705 square kilometers.

Using the US Census Bureau’s 2020 population estimate base, the TIGER® database for land area and population per square mile statistics. Here are the 12 most overcrowded cities in the US with more than 50,000 residents and at least 10 square miles in size.