Assam: Eviction drive against encroachers on Gorukhuti agricultural project land resumes, 397 families evicted

The Sipajhar district administration today, May 20, resumed evictions against families illegally occupying land earmarked for the Gorukhuti Agricultural Project.

Earlier, Sipajhar Revenue Circle Officer Ritimani Das had directed 620 advancing families to shift to Dalgaon via Parhi Dhalpur. Despite these orders, the families refused to leave the agricultural project land. As a result, Officer Das and Additional Deputy Commissioner of Revenue Gopal Sharma today led an eviction operation accompanied by hundreds of security personnel. The operation involved the use of bulldozers that destroyed the homes of 397 advancing families.

After the demolition, many of the displaced robbers were seen running towards the bridge with their belongings. The government has allocated 8,700 bighas of land for the Gorukhuti Agricultural Project, of which 6,800 bighas have been cleared of encroachment, while the rest remains under illegal occupation.

In September 2021, the government had earlier evicted 1,418 families from Dhalpur to facilitate the project. The move prompted several minority organisations, including the All Assam Minority Students’ Union (AAMSU), to demand the rehabilitation of the displaced families.

In response to these demands, the government held meetings with minority organizations during which they agreed to relocate and rehabilitate 2,051 families, including 633 from agricultural project lands, in Dalgaon. While 1,431 families complied and moved to Dalgaon in phases, 620 families continued to occupy the project land.

Due to their continued refusal to move despite multiple orders, the government was forced to carry out today’s eviction action to enforce the move to Dalgaon.

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