AI predicts the modern US Civil War will ‘tear apart’ the country in today’s climate

A24’s recent dystopian thriller ‘Civil War’ has sparked intriguing discussions about the plausibility and dynamics of a modern American civil conflict. This film imagines a scenario where Texas and California unite against the US military and various regional factions. In response to these themes, Google’s Gemini AI offered insight into how a real internal military conflict in the United States might unfold today.

The AI ​​speculated that if a civil war were to break out, it would likely involve states that had historical ties to the Confederacy, including such southern states as Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri. These states could potentially oppose the federal government, reminiscent of their role in the first Civil War.

Furthermore, the AI ​​highlighted a potential rural-urban divide, with rural areas potentially more likely to secede than urban centres. This reflects the current political and cultural differences often observed in American elections, where rural areas tend to lean conservative while urban areas are more liberal.

Key battleground states with a history of swings between Republican and Democratic control, such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida and North Carolina, could be particularly prone to internal divisions in such a conflict. The political volatility of these states could make them crucial points of contention.

Military firepower would play a crucial role in any civil conflict. States with a significant military presence, such as California, Texas and Florida, would likely play a central role because of their extensive military bases. Other states with high concentrations of military personnel, such as Virginia and North Carolina, could also be significant. Alaska’s challenging terrain can provide strategic advantages in defense.

Unlike the alliance depicted in the movie “Civil War,” the AI ​​predicted that Texas and California, representing opposite sides of the political spectrum, would find it difficult to bridge their ideological divide in the face of a national crisis . The current highly polarized political climate in the US would pose a significant challenge to such an alliance.

These AI-generated insights highlight the complexities and potential flashpoints of internal conflict in contemporary America, highlighting historical, geographic and political factors that would shape such a scenario.

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AI predicts that the modern American Civil War will ‘tear the country apart’ in the current climate