Hamburg issues discharge permit to Bawat

The Nasdaq-listed Danish manufacturer Bawat offers Ballast as a Service and operates its treatment system from a mobile container. The system will ensure that ship operators who have failed to meet ballast water standards can comply with the Ballast Water Convention, which will be fully implemented in September, and legally discharge water for treatment by Bawat systems.

The Danish company has now appointed an operating partner, Jongen GmbH & Co. KG, which says it has long experience in removing waste from ships in Hamburg.

Chris Todd, VP Global Field Operations, said: “Selecting Hamburg as the global launch pad for Ballast as a Service is a logical choice given its status as a key port facility in Germany and Europe,” Todd added: “In the coming months we want to expand Ballast as a Service to more major ports for improved response capabilities.”

The company hopes to offer similar services at ports across Europe and at major ports around the world.

Owner Marcus Peter Hummer has said the Port of Hamburg has admitted that two to three ships a week call at the port with a non-functioning ballast water treatment system.

Bawat’s mobile unit effectively pasteurizes ballast water and completely eliminates invasive species in a simple and effective manner. The mobile version of the system can treat 300 liters of water per hour, while consuming less than one liter of diesel per 1,000 liters of treated water.