The Pore – Trinidad highway starts a brand new life due to highway accidents – information

Over the weekend, the Cabinet of the Government of Casanare visited the areas removed from the urban areas of the municipality so that these communities could be the protagonists in the preparation of the document of the development plan of the department “Opportunities in Casanare 2024-2027 ”.

From Friday, the staff went to the municipality of Hato Corozal, where many city residents who are more than 12 hours away from the city participated in this distribution session to specify their efforts, adjustments or suggestions for this information document Casanare could have. . during this period of presidency, built on tasks in the areas of highway infrastructure and the agricultural sector.

Continuing the journey, the session of the separation of individuals arrived in the middle of the city of Montañas del Totumo, a group that was more than 2 hours away from the city area of ​​the municipality of Paz de Ariporo, the place where the presidents and leaders of the group enriched the area to be interviewed. welfare methods, education and highway infrastructure.

On Sunday, the day reached its climax in the middle of the town of Bocas del Pauto in Trinidad, on the border of the Vichada division, the place where the leaders of the two departments proposed to carry out regional tasks that would benefit the financial system of those departments would come. areas.

This week, the Departmental Council will proceed to establish separate periods for the completely different municipalities of Casanare, allowing the general public to study and make suggestions on the Departmental Development Plan.

Source: Casanare Governorate