Mosquito repellent scheduled in Iberia Parish this week

The Iberia Parish Mosquito Control District plans to start spraying for the pests this week.

Persistent populations are being targeted for the spraying, which is being filtered ahead of the Memorial Day holiday, officials say.

“Weather forecasts are not favorable for confirmed operations on certain nights. Citizens will need to be prepared for changes to planned operations over the next five days leading up to Memorial Day Sunday. The Iberia Parish Mosquito Control District will conduct aerial operations beginning Tuesday evening (September 5). /21) through Saturday evening (5/25) if necessary,” district officials said.

In the meantime, residents should follow the standard advice:
Wear repellent as the label indicates
Avoid activity at dawn and dusk
Wear light-colored clothing to cover exposed skin
Eliminate mosquito breeding grounds near the house

Weather permitting, air operations begin around sunset and last approximately one (1.5) and a half hours. Weather conditions may change the intended schedule; expect changes if necessary:
Tuesday (21/5) Bull Island, Leleux, Migues
Wednesday (5/22) Hubertville, Little Valley, Burleigh Park, Linden Rd.
Thursday (5/23) Coteau, Romero Rd., Capt. Cade Rd., ARA
Friday (5/24) Sugar Oaks, Daspit, Vida Shaw, Loreauville

During this period, only hypersensitive persons or persons who wish to avoid any exposure to chemicals in the designated spray area should refrain from outdoor activities; otherwise, all other citizens can continue with normal outdoor activities.

Citizens will notice low-flying aircraft — If the aircraft is overhead, DO NOT attempt to follow the aircraft’s path. The plane is traveling quickly and will leave the area in a short time.

If you have any questions or mosquito-related concerns, please feel free to contact the office at (337) 365-4933. Tiy can also find information on the Internet at and click on “Mosquito Control”. For more

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