Port Sheldon is celebrating its centenary as it looks to the future

While celebrating 100 years of history with a car and tractor show, picnic and historical and art exhibits, Port Sheldon Township officials are also looking to the future.

The festivities to mark the municipality’s 100th anniversary kicked off last weekend with the cutting of the ribbon for the municipality’s new playground.

“It’s important that people understand where they live and how far we’ve come,” said Melissa Steenwyk, Centennial Committee member.

She tells stories about preserving the community’s natural lands and about a time when the postal worker had to walk back and forth to Grand Rapids every week to pick up the community’s mail.

PolitenessPort Sheldon Fire Chief Wells Penna is shown in a historic photo that will be part of the municipality’s centennial exhibit.


These details will form part of the exhibitions at the Port Sheldon Township Hall leading up to the centenary celebrations.

Historical and art exhibitions decorate the town hall.

The collected items from residents, photos and stories about the rich history of the township create a mini-museum in the township house with art, history and a commemoration of the veterans of the township.

The art exhibition showcases local artists and Port Sheldon-themed art and runs from Tuesday, May 28 to Monday, June 3, during City Hall opening hours. Entries are still being accepted online at A car and tractor show is planned for Friday, May 31 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

“We have a lot of agricultural activities in our township, so we wanted to highlight that as well because it’s part of our heritage,” said Township Supervisor Mike Sabatino. “I thought, with all the drama and negativity in the world, let’s focus on the positive and beautiful township we get to live in.”

The centennial committee started planning about a year ago, Sabatino said.

The centenary celebration picnic will take place on Saturday, June 1 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The picnic will also feature games, fire trucks, a bouncy castle, games and food provided by Hog Wild Barbecue. Live music is planned for both Friday and Saturday.

PolitenessPort Sheldon Township Supervisor Mike Sabatino.

Master plan

This also happens to be the year Port Sheldon is due to revise its master plan.

There are some pretty big changes coming to Port Sheldon Township, starting with the early decommissioning of Consumers Energy’s Campbell power plant next year.

“As we look to the future, it is important to remember where you come from. Some of the values ​​we embrace as a community are important for the future,” says Sabatino. “It is important to remind people that we are committed to these values ​​as we chart a path forward. We must come together as a community working together for a common purpose.”

Residents can also learn more about where they live with the Tour the Township scavenger hunt by picking up a paper copy at the township office or downloading one from the website.

The municipality’s website has two new tabs: one for the centenary and one for information about the master plan. A survey was sent to residents of the municipality, asking for their feedback.

To mark the centenary, there will also be a kiosk where people can complete the survey.

“We all live together,” says Sabatino, “and we have to work together.”

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