Philly Mayor Parker orders city workers back to office – NBC10 Philadelphia

Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker ordered all city employees to return to office work, according to an announcement held Monday at City Hall.

On Monday morning, Parker held a special meeting with members of the press to explain the need for employees to return to the office.

“In line with my administration’s goals to create a more visible and accessible government, I have notified all city workers that they will be transitioning to full-time office jobs,” she said.

She said she will require all city employees to return to the office full-time beginning Monday, July 15.

“Employee presence in the workplace creates more personal and productive interactions,” Parker said. “It facilitates communication. It promotes social connections, as well as collaboration, innovation and inclusivity. It also delivers on my promise of an accessible workforce best positioned to serve the people of Philadelphia.”

Parker said this ruling “blankets” that all work will be done on-site and will nullify the city’s virtual work policy that was implemented in 2021.

As the city works toward that July deadline, Parker said they are working with managers to prepare office space, equipment and other resources to prepare for employees’ return.

“Our workforce is the only way Philadelphia will truly become what I promised its people: the safest, cleanest, greenest major city in America, with access to economic opportunity for all,” she said.

However, no leaders from the unions representing city workers attended the morning announcement.

However, Parker said union leaders have been notified of the demand to return to work.

Earlier in the morning, Parker gave opening remarks at the Pennsylvania Convention Center during the Service Employees International Union convention, which is held every four years.

This is a breaking news story. It will be updated as new information becomes available.