Maize cultivation is getting a boost in Chandpur

Maize cultivation is gaining ground in Chandpur district as farmers have found it a profitable venture in recent times.

Inspired by the record yields of the past winter season, farmers in the district chose to grow the grain crop again after a short time.

Farmers said maize is now considered a short-term cash crop in the district.

Professor Hafiza Mujib, a food scientist from Dhaka University based at Puranbazar Degree College in Chandpur city, said maize is a cereal crop that is more nutritious than rice and wheat.

Marginal people take corn as food while animals are also given it as fodder.

It is also used as poultry and fish feed. The livestock, poultry and fish farmers are therefore very interested in growing it.

While speaking to the FE, farmers Hanif Patwary, Shahjahan Patwary and Johurul Haque of Lodergaon village in Shah Mahmudpur union said they will soon start cultivating maize in their fields after harvesting potato, wheat and mustard seeds there.

Hanif and his wife told the FE that maize cultivation requires no additional expenditure, no day laborers, no additional pesticides or fertilizers. They simply buy seeds from the local haters and sow them after mid-March.

They get ripe corn in mid-June. Every now and then they tend the fields, weed the weeds and remove unnecessary parts of the plants. They hope to be able to harvest corn in mid-June.

According to the Chandpur Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), during the current summer and monsoon, the target was set to cultivate maize on 1,440 hectares of land in four upazilas of the district including Chandpur Sadar, Hajiganj, Kachua and Matlab Uttar.

Upazila-wise, maize cultivation in the district is distributed as follows: 1,045 hectares of land in Kachua upazila, 245 hectares of land in Chandpur Sadar, 100 hectares in Hajiganj and 50 hectares in Matlab Uttar upazila.

Kachua is a major maize producing area in the district, where the crop is mainly grown in the summer season.

The target has almost been achieved by cultivating the crop on 1,430 hectares of land in the four upazilas of the district. By mid-June, the corn will be ripe and then harvested, farmers said.

Maize cultivation during the current summer and monsoon has not been reported in four other upazilas such as Haimchar, Faridganj, Matlab Dakhshin and Shahrasti.

In the current summer, maize has been grown just after mid-March and will be harvested by mid-June next year when it will be fully mature, say experts from DAE, Chandpur, adding that maize grows slowly but quickly in winter. growth in summer and rainy season.

However, maize was cultivated in all eight upazilas of the district during the last winter season.

In winter, the corn was grown in mid-October and harvested after ripening in mid-March.

Subsequently, a total of 7,765 hectares of land was brought under maize cultivation, although the target in the district was 7,665 hectares of land. There was a record yield last winter season.

A total of 68,5000 tons of corn were harvested.

Thanks to the regular supervision of the local agricultural officials, the easy availability of seeds, the favorable weather and the right advice and instructions, the goal was well achieved.

Matlab Dakshin upazila was the main maize growing area with 2,850 hectares of land brought under the cultivation of the crop, followed by Matlab Uttar upazila with 2,415 hectares of land brought under the cultivation of the crop here.

Speaking to DAE agriculture expert FE, Chandpur Mobarak Hossain said flowers, leaves and the main part along with branches of maize plants can be sold in advance as fodder before the plants mature.

That is why corn farming is gaining popularity among farmers due to its food value and quick financial benefits.

According to farmers, only a few years ago, maize was grown on barely a few hundred hectares of land in Chandpur district.

Due to the motivating work in the open fields by the agricultural experts, maize cultivation is becoming popular among the farmers of the district.

Agriculture expert Mobarak Hossain said, “Maize is a source of food for humans, feed for pets and also feed for poultry, birds and fish. So it has many benefits and there is also a good demand in the market.”

A kilo of maize is now being sold at a price of P40 to P45 in the open markets of Mohamaya Bazar and Bakila Bazar. Corn cultivation has therefore brought a smile to the growers.

Mobarak Hossain hopes that if weather conditions remain favorable and no natural disasters occur, Chandpur will witness a bumper maize harvest this season too.

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