The father of Bucks Co. searches for answers after his son is attacked at Keystone Elementary – NBC10 Philadelphia

A parent took to TikTok after his son, a Keystone Elementary School student, was injured at school and sent to the hospital on May 16.

Stephen Callahan posted a video on TikTok calling out the Bristol Township School District, saying his son was assaulted and hospitalized by another student due to the negligence of a teacher’s assistance.

Callahan said his 5-year-old son Grayson now has a cut on his forehead and had two teeth knocked out when an older student attacked him in the cafeteria in Croydon last Thursday.

“I was shocked. Parent mode comes into effect. I hear my son screaming and I am told to go to the hospital. I just gotta get him out of there,” Callahan said.

The Bristol Township School District says a kindergarten student was injured when he was pushed by a fourth-grade student in the Bucks County Intermediate Unit’s special education program.

The school district says BCIU staff are not district employees and says the unit is investigating the incident.

NBC10 reached out to BCIU but has not heard back.

Callahan’s video on TikTok has more than 1.3 million likes and more than 6 million views.

The family now has an attorney and believes the school has surveillance footage of the incident that they want to see. But they say school officials have not turned over any video, if it exists.

“Please know that specific information cannot be shared due to the legal privacy and confidentiality protections afforded to all children in our public schools,” the school district said in a statement they released.

“I have a five-year-old who didn’t want to go to the kindergarten graduation because he’s too scared to go to school because he thinks something is going to happen to him. What would you do if you were me?” Callahan said.

The family is now pulling Grayson out of class and considering homeschooling him for the next school year.

‘Does he think his school is doing well? Has his school done its job to keep him safe because I feel helpless,” Callahan said.