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NEMO starts damage assessment in Toledo after the state of emergency

While firefighting and search and rescue operations by firefighters and the Belize Defense Force have been underway since Friday, NEMO says the work has only just begun. Today, the organization’s Damage and Needs Assessment Committee was on site in Toledo, along with Toledo West Area Representative Oscar Requena. As we reported, a public emergency has been declared for the district. But what does it mean? Captain Daniel Mendez, NEMO’s national emergency coordinator, spoke about the genesis of the decision and what it means for residents of the affected areas.

Captain Daniel Mendez, National Emergency Management Organization: This came about because we had noticed that the impact in many of the agricultural areas of San Pedro Colombia, Crique Jute, had been very severe and that it was such that we needed to take it to the next level so that we would be able to really determine what level of assistance we could provide to affected communities. So the declaration allows us to mobilize more resources and also reach our other partners who would be able to provide that other level of support that these communities would need. And so it is important that we can emphasize that this is a disaster area and that we can coordinate the aid that we determine ourselves.”

Last weekend, Disaster Risk Management Minister Andre Perez also visited the area to assess the situation.