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Mumbai Indians team

Mumbai Indians team: IPL 2024 was no less than a nightmare for Mumbai Indians. Even before the start of the season, Mumbai Indians made Hardik Pandya captain in place of Rohit Sharma. Hardik faced trolls in the initial matches. Then the Mumbai team couldn’t even qualify for the play-offs. Of the 14 matches of IPL 2024, the team has won only four. For this reason, Mumbai Indians remained at the last position in the points table. But despite not reaching the play-offs, the Mumbai Indians team has achieved three major records in IPL 2024.

Mumbai Indians achieved the highest score

Mumbai Indians team scored 247 runs in the match against Delhi Capitals in IPL 2024. This is the biggest score of Mumbai Indians in the history of IPL. In IPL 2024 itself, Mumbai had scored 246 runs against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Before IPL 2024, Mumbai Indians’ highest score was 235 runs, which the team made in the year 2021.

Won 150 matches in T20 cricket

Mumbai Indians had defeated the Delhi Capitals team in 29 matches in IPL 2024. This was Mumbai Indians’ 150th win in T20 cricket. Mumbai Indians have become the first team in the history of T20 cricket to win 150 matches. In T20 cricket, no team before Mumbai Indians could have won so many matches. While the Indian team has won only 144 matches.

The first team to achieve something like this

Mumbai Indians team won the match against Delhi Capitals at Wankhede Stadium. This was Mumbai’s 50th win at the Wankhede Stadium. With this, Mumbai Indians became the first team to win 50 matches at one ground in IPL. Before Mumbai, no team had won so many matches on one ground. The Super Over win was also included in Mumbai’s match wins.

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