Transportation: Jordan Road and State Transit Grants…

A local transport item:

The DPW reminds us that beginning May 23, there will be “road work” on Jordan Road between East Central Street and Jenna Lane. Expect delays and find alternative routes.

…and this news from the state…

The Healey-Driscoll government announces around $37 million in grants to support regional public transport. Funding from three grant programs will go to Regional Transit Authorities (RTA), Councils on Aging and other vehicle entities to support fleet electrification, improve and expand existing transit services, expand service hours, improve rural connectivity and assist with operating and capital costs.

Grants totaling nearly $20 million will be used to purchase public transit vehicles under the Community Transit Grant Program (CTGP). The CTGP also awards more than $2 million to projects that increase the mobility of older adults and people with disabilities. and people with low incomes. A third grant program will provide $15 million to increase operational and capital funding for transit providers through the Regional Transit Innovation Grant (RTIG) Program.

Regional Transit Innovation Grant Program:

The Fiscal Year 2024 State Budget appropriated $15 million in discretionary operating and capital funding to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) for Fiscal Year 2024 and Fiscal Year 2025 to be awarded to transit providers through the Regional Transit Innovation Grant (RTIG ) program. At least 25 percent of the funding ($3,750,000) is reserved for rural areas. Eligible RTIG project types include new and innovative service delivery models, extended service hours or weekend services, rural connectivity, connectivity improvements in regional transportation authority service areas, electrification, infrastructure and capital investments.

Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority, which provides services to Franklin, was among the agencies that received funding.

Community Transit Grant Program (CTGP) – Vehicles:

  • Fiscal Year 2024 CTGP Vehicle Grants will be awarded to 43 applicants totaling $19,724,810 to finance 168 vehicles. A total of 54 applicants had registered. Through the CTGP Vehicle Cycle Awards, MassDOT’s Rail and Transit Division distributes federal 5310 and state Mobility Assistance Program funding. The vehicles to be purchased include a range of minivans and cutaway vehicles, varying in size to meet a range of fleet needs. All models are wheelchair accessible. Under federal rules, federal 5310 funds can pay for up to 80% of the cost of each vehicle. Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority also received funding through this program

Community Transit Grant Program – funding to expand mobility:

The FY 2024 state budget also allocated MassDOT a total of $4 million to expand the CTGP and fund projects that increase mobility for older adults, people with disabilities and low-income people. Just under $2 million of that funding was awarded in November 2023, and the remaining $2,137,405 was announced today to 11 projects.

Tri-Valley Elder Services, which includes Franklin in its service area, was among the organizations to receive funding.