Payment to units owning land

The Ministry of Fisheries and Forestry handed over $4,532.64 in incentive payments to four land-owning units in Nacamaki Village, Koro.

The mataqali – Manuku Ira, Narewa, Sarabau and Vatuda/Nabete planted a diverse mix of coastal, indigenous, exotic and fruit trees on their lands as part of the Ministry of Forestry’s Reforestation of Degraded Forests (RDF) programme.

In a statement, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Kaliveti Ravu said the initiative was aimed at addressing the issue of deforestation and land degradation in Fiji.

The government, through the Ministry of Forests, is leading an ambitious landscape restoration initiative, with the aim of restoring 30 million trees and mangroves within 15 years, starting from 2019.

Nacamaki village chief Venasio Seru encouraged local communities to participate in the program.

“Not only will we benefit by receiving incentives, but more importantly we will help restore our local forests and combat climate change, especially in coastal communities,” Mr Seru said.

The ministry also distributed 500 coconut seedlings each to Vatulele and Nabasovi villages in response to their requests.

This initiative aims to create an enabling environment for national recovery programs, implement recovery approaches with both carbon and non-carbon benefits, and improve monitoring capabilities.

The programme’s objectives are aligned with the broader forest and landscape restoration mechanism developed in collaboration with international partners such as the International Climate Initiative.

Major contributors to the RDF program include Fiji Pine L and Fiji Hardwood Corporation Ltd, in addition to efforts by visitors, municipal landowners and individual landowners who receive technical guidance from their ministry.