Lok Sabha elections 2024 | ‘Hawa badal rahi hai’, the INDIA bloc that NDA wants to wipe out, Congress claims

New Delhi: After the fifth round of voting in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, the Congress on Monday said only 15 days remain for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s departure. It claims that a wind of change is blowing through the country and that INDIA’s opposition bloc is about to sweep away the ruling NDA.

In a statement, Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh said that with the five phases of voting completed, voting for 428 seats is over and only 15 days remain for Modi’s exit.

The trends that have emerged since phase 1 have only intensified: it is clear that for the BJP it is South mein Saaf, North, West and East mein Half.

“It appears that the INDIA alliance has already crossed the 272-seat mark and is on course for a total of over 350 seats. Mr. Modi’s departure is now all but sealed. Grueling price hikes, record high unemployment, and the BJP’s threats to amend the Constitution and end reservations have all made it very clear in the minds of Indian voters: Modi must go,” Ramesh said in a message on X.

He said the election continues to center around Congress’s positive campaign and the grand old party’s ‘Nyay Patra’ (manifesto) and guarantees are central to the message of all other political parties.

“The slogan ‘Khata-Khat’ has captured the imagination of the people, to the extent that even the outgoing Prime Minister was forced to respond to it. The announcement of our final guarantee – of doubling the allocation of free foodgrains for every person under the National Food Security Act – has caught fire in north and east India,” the former Union minister noted.

“Every soil report is very clear. Hawa badal rahi hai, Aandhi ban rahi hain. The INDIA Janbandhan is ready to wipe out the NDA. June 4 is coming,” Ramesh said on the microblogging platform, using the opposition bloc’s slogan: ‘Badlega Bharat, Jeetega INDIA!’

He said that as Modi approaches his final days as president, he has continued with his usual ‘3D’ election campaign – ‘Distort, distract and defame’.

“After failing to come up with a single positive agenda, and after being forced to bury ‘400 pairs’ and ‘Modi ki Garantie’, the outgoing Prime Minister took a rabidly communal turn. The open resort to communal hatred and the inability to mount a mature, agenda-driven campaign after a decade of presidency has backfired spectacularly. Stunned by the backlash, the Prime Minister has now claimed that he would be ‘ineligible for public life’ if he ever had to resort to Hindu-Muslim politics. said the Congress leader.

While pointing his guns at the Election Commission (EC), he said, the poll panel’s ‘deep sleep’ was unfortunate. The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by Modi, is violating the Model Code of Conduct on a daily basis, he alleged.

“The use of religious symbols in elections, advertisements on election day, videos on social media showing repeated voting by BJP workers have all raised questions about the ECI’s ability to hold the outgoing Prime Minister to account. We also remain hopeful of immediate publication of the voter turnout figures as soon as possible after the end of voting,” Ramesh said.

Published May 20, 2024, 3:24 PM IST