Collector asks for a book on Anantapur’s cultural heritage

Update: 21-05-2024 07:53 IST

Anantapur: District Collector Dr. Vinod Kumar has called on the Tourism, Archeology and Intact departments to work together to bring out a comprehensive book on archaeological, historical and heritage structures so that tourists can get information at a glance and also pass on the information and knowledge to future generations .

At a meeting with the departments of stakeholders here at his office on Monday, Collector Vinod called on the archeology department and the members of Intact to conduct research on the archaeological wealth and heritage buildings, apart from historical places, temples of architectural beauty for information to collect and publish a book for posterity, so that young and future generations can become acquainted with the rich cultural heritage of the district.

Assistant collector B Vinuthna, Archeology AD Dr. V Rajitha, Technical Assistant Mahendra Naidu and Intact Co-Chairman Chandrahas Reddy and Life Member Dr. Ramesh Narayana took part.