ANLA enables Cesar to manage and monitor mining initiatives

The Cesar division will be able to monitor and manage the exploration and mining initiatives being developed in this area, through environmental permits.

The National Environmental License Authority, ANLA, recently recognized, with Auto 003076 dated May 14, 2024, that the Ministry of Cesar is the third meeting to intervene in these processes, giving it direct insight into the exploration and exploitation of 59 mines currently in are in use. developed in this part of the nation. This is a previous achievement when it comes to space security, considering Cesar Governor Elvia Milena Sanjuan.

This resolution is described as excessive, given the strategy towards ensuring clean resources and the security of communities’ rights. “The division had no historical past in which it was recognized as an interventionist of the third meeting, this could be an authorized person, born by the Constituent Assembly of 1991, in Article 79, which allows departments, municipalities and most people to participate to administration. and monitoring the initiatives being implemented in their areas,” said Governor Sanjuan.

This truth is achieved after the administration led by Governor Elvia Milena Sanjuan and communication with the National Government, so that the Ministry has a say and voice in making selections regarding the commentary and exploitation of pure sources, and intervenes when it , or individuals , are affected.

“If we see that the wishes are usually not met, that the initiatives are usually not implemented correctly, that the environmental and social compensation should not be given, or that the deadlines are usually not met, we are known to we take protective measures. measures, reminiscent of stopping the actions and forwarding them to the Ministry of Environment to learn more about this example,” said Governor Elvia Milena Sanjuan.

In this way, he claimed that Cesar’s government will become a security in the environmental and social spheres, with authorized resources that will likely allow it to know the processes and have the authorized energy to intervene and influence selections.

“This recognition is essential because it makes us aware of the initiatives and licenses we receive to observe them. We all know which companies are active in that area; and that is what the Cesar government is doing, to help the ministry observe, recognize and shield our sources. We will observe the compensation, today we have approved energy,” the President admitted.

He additionally noted that the Ministry of Environment, which forwarded these issues, has access in the third half to an important place to obtain paperwork and a list of all procedures, which is an essential database to know how many permits there are. its environmental problems. each municipality has suggestions about this and offers them to the mayors in an attempt to get senior management to monitor and monitor the initiatives discussed.

According to ANLA, “participation in nature is ultimately a fundamental quality that enables and opens channels for the dissemination of various basic rights. Therefore, the importance of offering the very best ensures that it is advertised and protected is not trivial; however moderate they are, they are part of the core functions of a democracy that recognizes the civilizational catastrophe we face and understands the advanced problem we face as humanity in the face of local weather changes.