Rain lashes parts of Madurai and adjoining districts

MADURAI/RAMANATHAPURAM/DINDIGUL: Due to heavy rains lashing Madurai for the past few days, problems of waterlogging and rainwater ingress into houses have been reported in several regions of the district.

While around 11 cm of rain was recorded in Tallakulam of Madurai, 12 cm of rain was recorded in Kamudhi of Ramanathapuram. Flooding of up to 1 meter was observed in the Managiri area.

As announced by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Madurai received an average of 21.69 mm, while the rainfall average in Ramanathapuram was 15.09 mm. Heavy rainfall was reported in parts of the district on Monday.

Apart from low-lying areas and metro lines, some residential areas also reportedly suffered from flooding. Residents of Managiri said that after the heavy downpour, a huge amount of rainwater entered the houses, leaving residents in deep water. Locally alleged that poorly maintained canals draining water to Vandiyur Tank were the reason for waterlogging problems.

Selvaraj, a resident of Madurai, said Sellur experiences severe sewage overflow during rainy days, mainly due to clogging problems in the underground drainage system. Due to poor desilting of open sewage, heavy sewage mixed with rainwater is a common phenomenon in Meenakshi Nagar.

A senior official of the city corporation said, “Construction of a bridge is currently underway at Melamadai, close to Managiri. For example, dams were placed in two places, allowing rainwater to enter residential areas. the highway department reached the spot and removed the bunds, allowing rainwater to drain into the Vandiyur Tank. The water drained within a few hours.
“The company teams worked all night to prevent social problems caused by the rain. Fully functional engines were also put into use in subways to pump out the water. To tackle the flooding of underground drainage, suction vehicles and teams have been deputed.

Rain causes flash floods

Sporadic rainfall caused flash flood in Moongilkadu village of Kodaikanal in Dindigul district. Local sources said the village, which has about 30 families, was separated from the main road because a river flowing through the village was in turmoil. Fire and rescue teams rushed to the area to help villagers cross the flooded river and reach the main road. Locals urged the government to take action towards the construction of a bridge to avoid such problems in the future.

Sewage causes hardship to people: Udhayakumar

AIADMK leader and former minister RB Udhayakumar submitted a petition to the district collector, stating that the damaged roads and poor drainage systems after the rains are causing great hardship to residents. “Waterlogging is being reported in many areas in Madurai, especially near the Meenakshi temple. The Corporation Commissioner and District Collector should take action to address the drainage and road issues and prevent accidents,” Udhayakumar said. Later, he visited a metro where rainwater was stagnant near Thirumangalam.

N Chinnamayan, chairman of Central Market All Traders Federation, Madurai, said, “Unusual rains have severely affected vegetable traders in Madurai. Due to the rains, the wastage of vegetables has increased to 5 tonnes per day. There is already a shortage of vegetables the arrival of vegetables, causing the prices of vegetables to rise. Since the market lacks basic amenities including a decent road, traders and people visiting Mattuthavani market are facing hardships. The lack of proper cold storage has also caused hardship to farmers, because they cannot store their products for days.