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Sadness and tears inside Wrestling– Wow!

The German John “Bad Bones” Klinger died suddenly at the age of 40. His good friend and colleague Erkan Sulcani, who enters the ring as Cash Money Erkan, announced the information on Monday.

John Klinger celebrated his fortieth birthday on May 14 – just days later he was useless!

Cash Erkan writes on Facebook: “Today, May 20, 2024, OUR BLOOD BROTHER John Klinger passed away suddenly, a few days after his fortieth birthday.”

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And in addition: “It wouldn’t really be appropriate to put these sentences on paper. When I took my first steps into the wrestling business, John “Bad Bones” Klinger was already a star. He was one in all my first appearances. Over the years he became a coach/mentor, good friend and brother. We have been blood brothers in the ring for years, behind the scenes we have become real brothers. And I considered my big brother John as much to the top and I will until the day I die. To me you have probably been the greatest in the world.”

John Klinger died suddenly!

Cash Money’s Erkan recalls on Facebook: “Yesterday we had great fun celebrating the start of a brand new chapter in your life. We thought we still had a lot of time together. Instead, the celebration was a farewell social gathering. I’m going to watch just as much as you and I can miss you, dear brother. And I know you’re coming for me now. To me you have been one of many sincere, respectful and honest people. Thanks for letting me know and studying a lot from you. Part of me is useless even now.”

John Klinger started his wrestling career in 2004. During his career, he appeared in USA and TNA Wrestling, where he fought former WWE star Samoa Joe, who recently became the AEW Champion. He also appeared in the German Wrestling Federation (GWF) and “Westside Xtreme Wrestling” (wXw). He even announced at the beginning of the 12 months that he wants to finish his profession.

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“wXw” said: “John Klinger has probably been the greatest wrestler for over a decade. He won all major titles in wXw, successfully winning both 16-carat gold and the Cut to the Top. In his nearly 450 matches in the wXw ring, he always worked hard and did everything he could to encourage his followers. John was only forty years old and died far too early, simply before his deliberate retirement.”

Nothing is known about the reason for the death of Klinger, who eventually lived in Bremen.