Pilgrim city is preparing for the counting of votes on June 4

Tirupati: Tirupati is gearing up for counting of votes on June 4. The counting for seven Assembly segments and Tirupati parliamentary constituency will take place at the School of Engineering & Technology at Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam in the city. Explaining the details to the media, Collector and District Election Officer Pravin Kumar said that foolproof security arrangements had been made in locker rooms and counting halls.

He said almost double the steps recommended by the Election Commission of India (ECI) guidelines have been taken. A total of 90 CCTV cameras have been installed, covering each vault both indoors and outdoors. In addition, a control room has been set up to monitor camera images 24 hours a day. Three Tahsildars have been appointed to monitor the security arrangements in the vault room, each working for eight hours. They will also monitor live CCTV streaming from all vault areas.

To facilitate candidates and their agents, there is a special area on the SPMVV campus where camera images can be viewed continuously. All vault rooms have one common entrance/exit, while all other doors and windows are sealed with concrete, and an uninterrupted power supply is assured.

Pravin Kumar emphasized a three-tier security system, with central forces stationed near safe rooms, armed state police in the inner perimeter and civilian police guarding the outer perimeter. He underlined the meticulous precautions taken to avoid suspicions about the safety of the EVMs surveyed.

The turnout in Tirupati constituency was 63.22 percent, down 2.60% from 65.92% in 2019. Of the 54,000 voters listed as absent, shifted or dead (ASD), 4,000 were allowed to vote after thorough verification of their credentials. Counting will begin with mail-in ballots, 24,000 of which have been cast in the district.

District SP V Harshavardhan Raju announced that though Section 144 is currently in force, it will be relaxed in certain areas to enable hassle-free conduct of the Ganga Jatara festival. Additional troops will be deployed in these areas. Troublemakers will be escorted and placed under house arrest or held at police stations. There are 60 police stations in the district, half of which are in Chandragiri constituency alone. The SP also stated that no gatherings or celebrations will be allowed after the results are announced, and urged political parties to exercise restraint. Strict action will be taken against all gambling activities. DRO Penchala Kishore and District Officer A Bala Kondaiah were also present at the briefing.