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Transcarpathia has become home to a promising renewable energy project called Friendly Wind Technology revealed plans to start production of wind turbines. The company expects to produce twenty wind turbines annually, each with a capacity between 4.8 and 5.5 MW, and stands out as the only national entity producing multi-megawatt wind power plants. Friendly Wind Technologies, part of the Wind Parks of Ukraine group, moved to Transcarpathia after an escalating conflict in Kramatorsk in 2022. In the current year, the company has taken on the ambitious goal of building a wind farm with a capacity of 80 MW to be built in the Zakarpattia region. I look forward to a total supply of at least 500 MW. Furthermore, the remarkable DTEK broadcast progress towards initiating the second phase of the Tyligulska wind power plant in the vicinity of the combat zone in the Mykolaiv region. Once the expansion is completed, the total capacity of the wind power plant is expected to reach 500 MW.

Frequently asked questions about the renewable energy projects in the Transcarpathia and Mykolaiv regions

1. What is Friendly Wind Technology’s target production per year?

Friendly Wind Technology plans to produce up to twenty wind turbines annually, with unit capacities ranging from 4.8 to 5.5 MW.

2. Is Friendly Wind Technology the only manufacturer of such installations in the country?

Yes, Friendly Wind Technologies is currently the only national manufacturer of multi-megawatt wind power plants.

3. Why did Friendly Wind Technology move its operations to Transcarpathia?

The move was a consequence of the war that started in 2022 and necessitated a move from Kramatorsk to Transcarpathia.

4. What is the expected capacity of the Tyligulska wind farm after the second phase is completed?

The Tyligulska wind power plant is expected to have a total capacity of 500 MW upon completion of the second phase.

5. Where can I find more information about these projects?

Updates on Friendly Wind Technology’s activities can be found on their Facebook page, and news about DTEK’s initiatives are available on their Telegram channel.


The start of wind turbine production in Transcarpathia by Friendly Wind Technology, together with the expansion of the Tyligulska wind power plant by DTEK, indicates a positive trajectory for renewable energy in Ukraine. Despite a challenging geopolitical environment, these initiatives not only demonstrate the resilience and adaptability of the energy sector, but also illustrate Ukraine’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions for the future.

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