Anjela Borisova Urumova arrested: Bucks County woman admits she lied about attack in Redner parking lot: DA

MIDDLETOWN TWP., Pennsylvania (WPVI) — A woman is facing charges after authorities say she lied about an attempted rape and assault in a Bucks County grocery store parking lot.

Anjela Borisova Urumova, 20, of Bristol Township, admitted to police that she lied last month about an April 16 attack in the parking lot of Redner’s in Middletown Township.

All charges against Daniel Pierson, who was originally arrested in the case, have been dropped. He spent a month behind bars before being released on Friday.

Anjela Borisova Urumova

Urumova initially claimed she was attacked from behind by a man after parking her truck. She also claimed a man pulled down her pants and punched her in the face before she could escape.

But more than a month into the investigation, police say there were multiple inconsistencies with Urumova’s account of the attack.

Officers say data from Urumova’s iPhone and parking lot surveillance video contradicted her account of events.

During a second encounter with police on May 17, authorities say Urumova admitted she lied about the entire incident and that no assault had occurred in the Redner’s parking lot on April 16, according to the criminal complaint filed Monday.

When asked why she chose Pierson, she said she saw the truck and Pierson in the past in her previous employer’s parking lot and found him “creepy,” the complaint says.

Urumova reportedly told officers that she used the description of her then-boyfriend’s clothing to describe Pierson.

As for the injuries she claimed to have suffered, Urumova reportedly admitted to suffering a laceration to her lip during an altercation with a family member.

“Her grandmother, whom Urumova claimed suffered from dementia, did not recognize her when she entered the house and threw a plastic object at her, hitting her in the lip. This incident is said to have caused the crack in her lip that she later repaired. blamed Pierson,” the criminal complaint said.

When authorities asked her if she was considering telling the truth, she allegedly told police she planned to come forward to reveal the false report “sometime in court.”

Authorities say Urumova gave law enforcement an excuse as to why she falsely reported the attack, and that it was not related to any previous interaction with Pierson.

Police used a license plate reader to find Pierson after Urumova provided a description of the truck. He spent 31 days behind bars before being released.

Urumova was charged with one count each of false alarm to a public safety agency and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, two counts of making false reports and three counts of unsworn falsification to authorities.

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