Israel’s war on Gaza live: 40% of Gaza’s population displaced within two weeks | Israeli War on Gaza News

As the ICC prosecutor seeks arrest warrants for Israeli leaders over the war in Gaza, Palestinians in the war-ravaged coastal enclave face death and displacement on a daily basis, and the announcement provides little comfort.

Local man Sami Abu Zeid stressed that civilians continue to suffer.

“We are the victims, even though we have nothing to do with Israel or Hamas. We are not Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad,” he told Al Jazeera from Deir el-Balah.

“We are citizens… What is my fault or that of my children? What is my fault or that of my brothers and sisters? What is my fault or that of my neighbor? Why was I displaced and why do I have to suffer every day?”

Another Gaza resident, Majdi Sleim, criticized the ICC prosecutor’s decision to apply for arrest warrants for Hamas leaders in addition to Netanyahu and Gallant.

“We tell the prosecutor that the cards are shuffled because there is equality between the victims and the oppressed,” Sleim said.

“How is it possible to create equality between those who defend their country and freedom – and the ICC says they value everything in accordance with humanitarian standards – and between those who target children, women and the elderly? Those who are destroying homes, infrastructure and humanitarian sectors in the Gaza Strip.”