Ratu Etonia installed as Tui Levuka – FBC News

The Tui Levuka Ratu Etonia Seru Rokotunaceva is installed as paramount chief.

After a 16-year hiatus, this historic event marks the beginning of a new era for the Levuka people and a confirmation of their ancestral ties and heritage.

Relatives and people with traditional ties to the Tui Levuka gathered today to celebrate the ceremony.

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Under the leadership of the Bete Ilaisa Tamani, the ceremonial transfer of the Tabua and the I Ula to Ratu Etonia marked the beginning of the symbolic transfer of power.

It also means passing on land, resources, fisheries and communal duty to the people of Nabukebuke.

The representatives of the Native Land Commission reaffirmed the customary responsibilities and duties of the Tui Levuka to the Levuka people.

They emphasized the value of leadership and stewardship in the community before asking the Minister of iTaukei Affairs to officially pronounce the Turaga na Tui Levuka.

Following the installation ceremony, the ten leaders representing the ten villages in the Levuka District will join the Tui Levuka for a period of isolation in the peaceful grounds of Wakaya Lailai.

This time of solitude is used for reflection, advice and preparation for the tasks ahead.

On Sunday, the president of the Methodist Church will lead a church service to celebrate the completion of the installation process.

In unison and affirmation, the community will come together for this spiritual gathering, which will be an emotional occasion to bless and support the Tui Levuka on their future journey.

The Tui Levuka will begin its second traditional bath in September, scheduled to take place in Nukuloa village in Gau.

This continuation of tradition highlights the legacy and cultural continuity that defines the rich legacy of Fijian heritage.