Supporters say the NYPD escalated the violence during the rally

The Adams administration is defending the NYPD after violent arrests were made at a pro-Palestinian rally in Brooklyn on Saturday.

“We all have the right to protest. You have no right to ride on the roof of a bus. You have no right to spit at police officers. You have no right to disobey lawful orders,” Mayor Eric Adams said in an interview with ‘Mornings On 1’. “That was a complete disruption to the Bay Ridge community.”

For years, the pro-Palestinian organization Within Our Lifetime has led a rally in Bay Ridge to commemorate Nakba Day, which focuses on the day thousands of Palestinians were displaced after the outbreak of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.

Although the demonstration has been peaceful in past years, organizers said this year there was a difference in the way police responded.

Instead of just having the local police department monitor the rally, the NYPD also called in the Strategic Response Group and senior officials, some of whom punched protesters while making arrests.

More than 40 protesters were arrested, officials said.

Abdullah Akl, organizer of Within Our Lifetime, and Nerdeen Kiswani, co-founder of the organization, joined NY1 political host Errol Louis on “Inside City Hall” on Monday to discuss the protests.

“Even this rally is historic to this point because Bay Ridge is known as a very safe, family-oriented community,” Akl said. “So people seeing this level of preventive NYPD presence showed the community that the NYPD was not here for a peaceful protest. If anything, the NYPD was here to arrest, (the) NYPD was here to be brutal, and nothing less than that.