Biden will use massive fundraising to hammer Trump in swing states

The Biden campaign announced that they raised another $51 million in their historic war chest last month, up to $192 million, as they make a significant investment in swing states.

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The Biden campaign announced in a statement:

Today, Team Biden-Harris announced a $192 million war chest, the highest total of any Democratic candidate in history at this point in the cycle. Team Biden-Harris raised more than $51 million in April 2024, building on the steady and historic work of the Team Biden-Harris fundraising operation. Team Biden-Harris’ April pick and war chest continues to outpace any Democratic candidate in history at this point in the cycle.

While Team Trump has focused almost entirely on recruiting billionaire donors who will go above and beyond early in the cycle rather than building a sustainable grassroots fundraising program, Team Biden-Harris’ harvest in April was largely driven by continued strength and sustainability in our core network. The majority of April’s proceeds came from grassroots donors, and another million supporters were added to our email list during the month alone. This fundraising is fueling a growing state operation and a historic paid media campaign aimed at the voters who will decide this election.

The Biden people aren’t kidding when they talk about spending in stupendous states:

– More than 150 coordinated offices.

– More than 500 coordinated staff in theaters and an increased presence of organizations in the
communities that will decide these elections.

– $14 million ad campaign targeting voters in battleground states during the month of May,
including investments in African American and Hispanic media.

Keep in mind that as Biden expands his operation into swing states, Trump is laying off staff and closing campaign offices in swing states because much of his fundraising will pay for lawyers and legal bills.

The polls may show that the presidential elections are evenly matched, but in reality Biden is building a clear advantage in reaching and recruiting voters.

History shows that close elections are won by organizations on the ground. Biden is busy fundraising and organizing against Trump, and those results could emerge when ballots are counted on Election Day.

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