Broward schools won’t be automatically evacuated due to bomb threats under new policy – NBC 6 South Florida

Broward County Public Schools are changing the way they respond to bomb threats and will no longer automatically evacuate classrooms under certain circumstances under a new policy.

The policy change was outlined in a May 10 letter sent to all Broward principals by the district’s chief safety and security officer, Jaime Alberti.

The letter, released Monday, says the change is being made “as a result of the recent increase in bomb threats across the district.”

Under the new procedure, schools will not automatically evacuate in response to a bomb threat via telephone, email or text message.

Instead, the school’s designated decision maker, usually the principal, will work with police to assess the credibility of the threat.

“Evacuation decisions will be based on a thorough credibility analysis,” the letter said. “Immediate evacuation will only be considered if, following a preliminary assessment, the threat is deemed highly credible or if a suspicious device has been identified.”

If a threat is not deemed credible, security measures may be taken, including a temporary “hold” or a cursory sweep, the letter said.

The letter also states that if the police order a school to evacuate, they will do so.