Stray dogs: 8 stray dogs ‘poisoned’ in Tripunithura | Kochi News

Kochi: Ernakulam continues to witness mass killing of stray dogs by anti-social elements. In the latest incident, eight dogs were poisoned in Chathari area of ​​Tripunithura municipality. A complaint has been lodged with the Hill Palace police station in this regard. The complaint was filed by Jincy Jacob, who fed the dogs. The dogs were found dead on Saturday evening in the grounds of her neighbor Membi’s house. Jacob, in her complaint, leveled serious allegations against ward councilor Raji Anil, one Jayan Komoth and Membi. In her complaint, Jacob alleged that the councilor asked her to stop feeding stray dogs, which are a nuisance. The councilor allegedly asked Jacob to kill the dogs by mixing poison in the food or allow her to kill them. While Komoth threatened Jacob for feeding the animals. The dogs were poisoned while Membi was in her home, the complaint said. Of the 18 dogs that fed on poison-rich food, 10 managed to survive after Jacob took them to the nearby animal hospital. She said in the complaint that she recovered the carcasses of four dogs. Tripunithura Municipality does not have a shelter for stray dogs and the Animal Birth Center (ABC) is not yet functional. When TOI contacted the councilor, she blamed Jacob for the rising population of stray dogs in the area and for feeding them. “Jacob feeds the strays and that’s why the dogs come there. We are ready to build a shelter for stray dogs in the area. But Jacob must find land for the shelter,” Anil said. Municipal chairperson Rema Santhosh said she was not aware of the mass killing of stray dogs. “There are 2,220 stray dogs in the municipality and all of them were vaccinated against rabies before March this year. “The setting up of the ABC facility is in the final stages,” she said.

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