Domestic violence: Woman’s relatives kill her 26-year-old husband | Rajkot News

Rajkot: A family dispute over domestic violence that had been simmering for three months reached a flashpoint after a woman’s father and three brothers allegedly killed her husband in a village in Jamnagar district late on Sunday. The incident took place at Virpar village in the Jamjodhpur taluka of the district, where Vira Taparia , 26, was stabbed to death by his estranged wife’s relatives. According to the details of the case, Tapariya had married Heer two years ago. However, for the past two months, she has been staying with her parents near Visavadar in Junagadh district after she had an argument with her husband. She filed a domestic violence complaint against him at the Visavadar police station in Junagadh. On Sunday, Vira and Heer’s family met at a religious gathering in Virpar village. An altercation broke out when Vira and his family members tried to persuade Heer to return to their house and bury the hatchet. However, the heated arguments took a fatal turn when her father Viram Mandal and brothers Natha, Puna and Raju launched an attack on Vira and his family members. In the fight, Puna grabbed a knife and stabbed Vira repeatedly. Vira was rushed to the government-run GG Hospital in Jamnagar where he was declared brought dead. His family filed a complaint against the attackers at the Shethvadala police station. In response, Viram Mandal filed a cross-complaint against Pala Tapariy, the father of the deceased) and other family members including Vira Tapariya, Mandan Tapariya and Jiva Tapariya. Mandal alleged that Pala’s family attacked them over the family dispute, injuring himself and two of his sons.

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