Cracking the Code: Understanding Travel Times in Texas

Commuting times in the state of Texas are all over the place. There are some employees here in the state of Texas who no longer have to commute to work because they are now working remotely from home.

There are other people on the other side of the extreme, who commute several hours to work every day.

Most of us have had a longer journey than you would like at some point in our lives. I remember going to college 50 minutes from where I lived for several years, but my worst was a 60 to 90 minute commute depending on how bad the traffic was that day.

But at the time, I did everything I could to show the bosses that I wanted a full-time job.

How to determine the worst commute times in Texas

The commute will be drastically different if you live in Dallas compared to living in a smaller city like Fredericksburg. But what factors were used to arrive at the worst travel times in Texas? This includes looking at the number of people who drive alone compared to carpooling or using other means of transport.

Specific travel times in Texas counties

It was interesting to discover that only two Texas counties have an average travel time of more than 40 minutes each way. I’m sure you’re interested to see where your county landed on the travel time list. Let’s see which Texas counties have the longest commute times.

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