‘Plan’ for Muslim reservations leaked? If the ‘Indy’ alliance wins, is ‘Muslim reservation’ a sure thing?

New Delhi. Can the same happen in the Indian Alliance government like Mamata’s government had infiltrated Muslims into the OBC reservation in 2011? If the ‘Indi’ alliance government is formed, will the Constitution be amended for Muslim retention? The biggest question is whether the ‘proviso formula’ of reconciliation will be implemented across the country? And is the Islamic reservation the common minimum program of the ‘Indi’ alliance? There are many such questions as the secret of the ‘Indi’ alliance’s silence on Muslim reservations has been exposed by Samajwadi Party leader ST Hasan.

It can also be said that ST Hasan leaked the agenda of the ‘Indy’ alliance’s Common Minimum Program on Muslim reservations. On behalf of the ‘Indy’ alliance, Samajwadi Party’s ST Hasan said that if the ‘Indy’ alliance forms the government, the country’s constitution will be amended and reservations will be made for Muslims. ST Hasan asked whether Muslims are not citizens of the country. If a dhobi under Hindu caste can get the benefit of OBC reservation, why can’t the dhobi under Muslim caste get the benefit of reservation?

The question here is when it is said that there is no caste in Islam and there is no discrimination in the name of caste in Islam. Everyone is equal in Islam. Then should any reservation be made in the name of caste in Islam or not? ST Hasan’s statement comes at a time when Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee is the most talked about issue of Muslim reservations. Lalu Yadav has also advocated reservations for Muslims. Rahul Gandhi’s 2012 statement also consistently made headlines. In which he had talked about giving reservations to Muslims and Mulayam Singh had asked, why is he not making reservations to Muslims?

Medha Patkar got into trouble for calling Delhi LG a coward, the court held her guilty, do you know how many years of punishment she can get?

The question is: is this the reason why the Samajwadi Party felt that ‘INDI’ is lagging behind in the race for Muslim reservations? And is this why ST Hasan made a statement on behalf of Samajwadi Party that if ‘INDI’ forms the government, the Constitution will be amended for Muslim retention. You can understand why ST Hasan’s statement is true from the statements of Rahul Gandhi and Lalu Yadav.

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