The ancient city of Baramulla votes for development and employment

Baramulla, May 20: Long queues, including elderly and first-time voters, stood outside polling stations in Baramulla’s Old Town as residents voted for development, employment and a peaceful life.

Voting was subdued in the early hours, but over time the mood in the region became lively, with both men and women voting in large numbers.

The main attraction was the new voters who actively participated in the elections.

These voters said they had voted in favor of the overall development of Baramulla’s Old Town, which has generally been neglected by successive regimes.

Rayees Ahmad, a graduate and first-time voter, said successive governments ignored their areas and gave least preference to the aspirations of the youth.

He said that as the political scenario here was changing rapidly, people here were optimistic that their long-standing issue of development would be given priority.

“I cast my vote as the first voter to choose a candidate who can express his concerns at the highest level of democracy,” Rayees said. “Decongestion of the old city, overall development, widening and macadamization of roads, good drainage, healthcare facilities and a good education system were all part of the Greater Baramulla plan. But so far, the old town of Baramulla has seen little to no development,” he said.

Fayaz Ahmad, a resident of Al-Mustafa Colony of Baramulla, after casting his vote at the polling station in the Department of Handicrafts office, said that the main concern of the people of Baramulla Old Town is the least employment opportunities for the was youth.

He said even private sector jobs were declining and the youth were feeling alienated.