SBHS Commencement Details Set – San Benito News

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The San Benito High School Class of 2024 commencement ceremony is scheduled for Friday, May 24.

Late Wednesday, SBCISD officials announced a time change for the start of the commencement ceremony originally scheduled for 7:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., citing concerns over possible chilly heat. The ceremony will also be streamed live by KSBG (the district’s internal broadcast network) beginning at 7:30 p.m. Those wishing to watch the stream can do so by logging in to:
A make-up date in the event of inclement weather is scheduled for Saturday, May 25 at 9 a.m. The graduation ceremonies will be held at Bobby Morrow Stadium, 2025 La Palma St., San Benito.

Graduating seniors are asked to report to the “M” Wing at 5:00 PM to ensure dress code guidelines are met. Once approved, they will be led to the cafeteria to prepare to line up with sponsors and be led to their seats. Seniors in the Top 10, half of the National Honor Society (NHS), High-5, Mu Alpha Theta and Military will report to the Varsity gym to line up on the home side of the stadium. Seniors in the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS), the other half of NHS, Rho Kappa Society, NHS Science, NHS Spanish, Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) Honors and Perfect Attendance will report to the cafeteria to serve on the visitors’ side go stand .

According to School District officials, graduates are allowed to bring their phones, but are not allowed to bring bags or wallets into the stadium. Graduates can pick up photo envelopes from Valley Photographic at the stadium entrance gates.

Graduates must stand during the processional music played to begin the program. Name tags are given to students before they get in line. These are used to mention names when they have their picture taken.

Each row of graduates will line up to receive their diploma jackets and then walk up the ramp and give their name tag to the announcer. There will be special spots on the stage marked with an “X” to indicate where to stand for photos. Students will exit through the back gate of their designated side (back gates behind the home side and the visitors side).

The dress code for the ceremony for female students includes dresses not shown underneath. However, shorts and miniskirts are not allowed. Suitable footwear (no loose sandals, house shoes, heels that damage the turf, etc.) is also required.

Male students are permitted to wear a shirt, dark tie, appropriate footwear and dark trousers, but nice dark jeans or khaki trousers are also permitted. Both female and male students may also wear their gold victory collar.

As reported in last week’s edition of the NEWS, San Benito High School is asking prospective graduates and parents to be aware of several guidelines regarding the decoration of graduation caps. Campus officials emphasize that violation of these rules will result in removal of the cap and disqualification from the student’s participation in the graduation ceremony. All caps will be assessed upon arrival, according to an information flyer provided to parents and students.

Messages on hats are allowed, but campus officials emphasize that these messages must be positive, non-offensive and concise. Messages can include religious verses, expressions of gratitude, a military branch, a university, or a sentimental quote.

The decor of the cap must be flat (not 3D) and must not hang down on the sides. The decor should also be limited to the top part of the cap. Decorations cannot light up, have moving parts, require batteries, and do not contain bells, whistles, or other types of noise makers.

Students are asked to park in front of the Sports Complex parking lot. Parents of graduates and guests of students on the home side of the stadium are asked to park in the home team parking lot, while guests of students on the visitor side of the stadium are asked to park in the visitor parking lot.

It is relevant that guests only bring transparent bags and wallets to the stadium. Ballos, air horns and noise makers are not allowed in the stadium. After graduation, parents and guests are no longer allowed to enter the field. Guests leave the stadium through the three gates at the front.

Graduates can collect their diploma from Monday to Thursday, May 27 to June 1, 2024. Pick-up takes place from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM and from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM in the main hallway in front of the office. Students must show photo identification to collect their diploma. If graduates cannot pick it up themselves, parents can pick it up but must show the student’s photo ID. Gateway graduates must collect their diplomas at Gateway.

For more information, call San Benito High School at (956) 361-6500.