The Crookston school board met Monday in the CHS Orchestra/Choir room.

The first item on the board was a public hearing from Shelby McQuay, a senior municipal counsel with Ehlers Inc. The hearing focused on approving reductions and authorizing bond issuance. In more detail, McQuay states, “The school board approved and granted the rebate and could therefore approve the issuance of bonds, part of which is the rebate.” McQuay continues: “But to make costs more efficient, the board has placed the reduction part, the capital facilities part and a repayment part in one bond issue.” The money will help fund parking lots and capital maintenance projects throughout the district.

The meeting continued with approval of the agenda and consent agenda. The consent agenda included accepting the resignations of nutrition worker Barb Holweger, orchestra instructor Haley Ellis, social studies instructor Sutton Junkermeier and special education instructor Wyatt Ecklund. The consent agenda also approved the employment of Grade 4 instructor Kara Hovelstud, band instructor Manny Green, elementary instructor Kristine Dickson, Early Childhood coordinator Gina Gunderson, boys’ basketball coach Elliot Erdmann and girls’ basketball coach/social studies instructor Kory Baril.

The consent agenda concluded with the acceptance of grants and donations, including:

  • A donation from the Minnesota Masonic Charities, FFA, in the amount of $2,151.25
  • A donation from the Crookston Masonic Lodge, FFA, in the amount of $2,151.25
  • A donation from the June Shaver Scholarship Fund in the amount of $7,500.00
  • A donation from Peter & Ingrid Koller for the TW Thorson Music Scholarship worth $1,000.00
  • A donation from Leland & Judy Ellingson for the Grade 6 Itasca field trip valued at $505.00

Randy Bergquist, Superintendent of Crookston Public Schools, said of the recent donations, “I am so impressed with the amount of donations and grants we receive from community organizations.” Bergquist continues, “We have the Minnesota Masonic Charities for FFA, the Crookston Masonic Lodge, the June Shaver Scholarship Fund, Peter & Ingrid Koller for the Thorson Music Scholarship, and Leland & Judy Ellingson for the sixth grade Itasca field trip. It’s just amazing how much support we have for our students today.”

After approving the consent agenda, the Crookston School Board then unanimously agreed to issues related to staff development/mentoring, the discount, bond issuance and finally the local literacy plan.

The meeting ended with the approval of the minutes of the April 22 school board meeting and the passage of pending bills. The next meeting is Monday, June 24 at 5:00 PM in the Crookston High School Choir/Orchestra Room.