Kukkarahalli Lake: INTACH helps revive Kukkarahalli Lake: DC | Mysuru News

Mysuru: The district administration has assigned the task of creating a comprehensive project for the revitalization of the iconic Kukkarahalli Lake, located in the heart of the city, to the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH). DC KV Rajendra held the Kukkarahalli Lake Development Implementation Committee meeting in Mysuru City Corporation on Monday. He requested INTACH to submit the DPR by the end of June. Considering the daily influx of thousands of visitors, including morning joggers, there is an urgent need to maintain cleanliness and enhance the beauty of the lake to attract even more people. The district administration has taken necessary steps to remove unauthorized underground drains that allow untreated sewage to enter the lake and ensure that the water remains clean. The DC directed officials to clear waste from parts of the lake that have become dumping grounds and transform these places into beautiful parks with seating areas. He also called for installation of warning and signboards to prevent noise pollution caused by heavy vehicle movement around the lake, which disturbs the animals and birds within. In addition, he directed the development of the lake to ensure clean air and water for visitors, removing unused boats and preventing people from entering the lake. He also encouraged INTACH and others to collect suggestions from experts for the rejuvenation and improvement of the lake.

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This story has been removed.