Scottish location in the top 10 WORST big cities to visit in Britain

A SCOTTISH location has been named in the top 10 worst cities to visit in Britain.

Consumer Champion Which one? almost 4,000 people were questioned about their experiences with their visit Britain cities in the past two years.

Edinburgh was ranked as Scotland’s best city break destinationCredit: Alamy
Aberdeen was the only Scottish location in the top ten worst cities to visit in BritainCredit: Alamy
People rated it poorly on a variety of options, including food and drink and ease of getting aroundCredit: Alamy
Glasgow came second in Scotland for the best location for a city breakCredit: Alamy

Each city was given a five-star rating based on a variety of criteria, from food and drink, cultural sites, tourist attractions and accommodation.

It also included lack of crowds, value for money and ease of getting around in the criteria.

The score was then calculated based on visitors’ overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend them.

As a result, Aberdeen was ranked number five in the list of the ten cities.

Derby, Leicester and Swansea were in the bottom three of the list.

Aberdeen scored a 60% customer score, with people rating the food drink scene, ease of parking to get around and shopping two out of five.

Accommodation, cultural attractions and value for money received three out of five points.

However, it received four out of five stars due to a lack of crowds.

It comes down to: Which one? surveyed 3,967 people about their experiences of British towns and villages that they had visited for leisure purposes and where they had spent at least one night in the past two years.

A total of 7,187 experiences were reported.

It followed a similar list and categories to the worst cities, but found this applied to Britain’s best cities.

Edinburgh ranked second behind Liverpool and Glasgow finished fifth in the top ten.

In the small and medium categories Bournemouth, Torquay and Fort William in Scotland also performed poorly with combined scores of 58%.

Which? praised the “stunning” Scottish capital as “bursting with cultural activity”.

Visitors scored it a full five stars for cultural sites and tourist attractions.

Edinburgh earned four stars for food and drink, shopping, ease of transport and overall value for money.

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Edinburgh turned out to be the best city in Scotland for city breaks, followed by Glasgow, St. Andrews and Stirling.

Rory Boland, editor of what? Travel, said: “Whether you’re looking for vibrant nightlife, world-class museums or a premium dining experience, our questionnaire shows that Britain has a wealth of fantastic cities waiting to be explored.”