This summer it’s tee time at one of the many regional golf courses: West Central Grandstand

There is certainly no shortage of golf courses to choose from for golf enthusiasts in the Willmar area, including a brand new virtual golf experience at Uptown Willmar Mall.

From a resort setting to a come-as-you-are backdrop, the 22 outdoor golf courses in the West Central Grandstand area offer a variety of fairways, bunkers and scenic backdrops.

The season is in full swing and many courses are waiting for a call for tee time reservations.

Below is a list of golf courses in the area, some open to the general public and some requiring membership.

The courses that require membership can be used by those living outside the membership area, upon payment of green fees. Most courses are closed at various times each week during competition days.

“Slope rating” is a rating that determines the difficulty of the course, mainly based on the length, number of obstacles and number of trees. A rating of 113 is the national average. Ratings lower than 113 are easier to play, while ratings above 113 are more difficult. Ratings can range from low 60s to 150. The slope allows the golfer to calculate his handicap based on the course he is playing on. The stated slope applies to the white men’s and red women’s T-shirts.

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Northern edge of the city along the Pomme de Terre river

The course plays along the river on several holes and has some rolling hills. It has three par 5s and three par 4s. The fairways are averagely wide and fairly open.

9 holes, par 36, 3,053 yards for men and 2,985 yards for women; slope of 118 for men and 119 for women. Shopping cart rental available. No reservations taken for tee times, 320-289-2513.

West Highway 9 in Benson

A tree-lined, three-hole course on the west side of the Chippewa River; golfers must play across the river three times.

18 holes, par 72, 6,313 yards for men; 5,994 for women; slope of 125 for men and 124 for women. 320-842-7901.

13 miles south of Olivia on State Highway 71, ½ mile west on Renville County Road 2

The course, designed by Rees Jones, blends in perfectly with the prairie.

18 holes, par 72, 6,217 yards, slope of 136 for men and 141 for women. Tee times 24 hours, subject to availability, 507-644-7844.

On the northwestern edge of the city

An older trail with some beautiful trees, slightly undulating. All holes are par 4, except one par 3.

9 holes, par 35, 2,837 yards; slope of 112 for men and 119 for women. No tee time reservations required, 320-769-2212.

NLS at Class AA Tournament, 061423.004.jpg

Incoming London Spicer sophomore Blake Kath reads a putt during the Class AA boys golf tournament on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, at Ridges at Sand Creek, Jordan.

Michael Lyne / West Central Tribune

North edge of Willmar, just west of Highway 71

The front nine includes a full-size driving range. The back nine has steeper slopes, mature trees and water hazards.

18 holes, par 72, 6,098 yards for men; par 73, 5,208 yards for women; slope of 130 for men and 127 for women. Reservations for tee times are available three days (public) in advance, 320-235-1166.

Highway 67, south edge of Granite Falls

The course is hilly with some trees, recently renovated greens and improved elevated tee boxes. There are a few doglegs, two par 5 holes and three water hazards.

9 holes, par 36, 2,902 for men, 2,509 for women; slope 128 for men and 126 for women. 320-564-4755.

Class A State Golf 061423 008.jpg

Community Christian School golfer Will Chapin tees off while competing in the Class A State Golf Championships at Pebble Creek Golf Club in Becker on Wednesday, June 14, 2023.

Macy Moore / West Central Tribune

Northeast edge of Raymond, along Highway 23

On this gently sloping course you can cross Hawk Creek on the fifth, sixth and eighth holes. There are mature trees and some small trees.

9 holes, par 36, 3,126 for men; 2,428 yards for women; slope of 123 for men and 120 for women. Reservations for tee times can be made up to 24 hours (publicly) in advance, 320-967-4295.

Southwestern edge of Atwater

The rolling course features natural wetland areas and an island green on the par 3 18th hole. There are seven doglegs, four par 5s and four par 3s with large greens.

18 holes, par 72; 6,336 for men; 5,194 for women, slope of 130. Reservations for tee times (320-974-8600) 14 days in advance.

Highway 23, one mile west of Paynesville

A somewhat hilly course, with several holes carved into the trees. It has narrow fairways and several difficult par 3 holes.

18 holes, par 71, 6,005 yards for men; 5,070 for women; slope of 124 for men and 116 for women. Start times set one week in advance, 320-243-4111.

Pleasure Drive, on the southwestern edge of the city

The course is located near Lake Ripley and is challenging with trees and water hazards.

18 holes, par 70, 6,086 yards for men; 4,997 for women; slope of 126 for men and 121 for women. Reservations are being taken for tee times, 320-693-6059.

Willmar Indoorgolf 012324 002.jpg

Nick Nelson places his golf ball on a tee during a round of golf at Willmar Indoor Golf on Tuesday, January 23, 2024.

Macy Moore / West Central Tribune

Highway 23, halfway between Spicer and New London

With seven ponds, 33 sand traps, creeks, intermediate water obstacles and many trees, this course is a challenge. The fairways are average in width.

27 holes, par 72, 6,217 yards for men and 5,393 yards for women at Willows/Pines; 6,400 and 5,442 on pine/oak; 6,337 and 5,373 on oak/willow; slope average of 132 for men and 127 for women. Reservations for tee times can be made up to seven days in advance, 320-354-2296.

South on Highway 75, west on State 40

An old course with many mature trees and some hills. There is one par 3 and the rest are par 4.

9 holes, par 35, 2,802 yards for men and 2,715 for women; slope of 125 for men and 122 for women. No reservations required except on weekends, 320-598-7587.

West of Glenwood on Highway 28, turn north on Golf Course Road

The rolling, semi-hilly terrain overlooking Lake Minnewaska will challenge the average golfer to the better than average golfer and the greens are all moderately bunkered.

18 holes, par 72, 6,212 yards for men; 5,136 yards for women; slope of 133 for men and 126 for women. Reservations can be made up to a week in advance and are advised, 320-634-3680.

Seven miles northeast of Buffalo Lake on Renville County 8

On the north shore of Lake Ellie, the course is slightly hilly, with fairways 30 yards wide. Four holes have doglegs and No. 6 is played over an extension of the lake.

18 holes, par 72, 5,304 yards for men; 5,138 yards for women; slope of 117 for men and 121 for women. Tee times seven days in advance, 320-587-0525.

Southeastern edge of town, three blocks south of the courthouse

This course features tree-lined fairways and water hazards, including a par 3 that involves playing over water.

9 holes, par 36, 3,171 yards for men; 2,609 yards for women; slope of 118 for men and 116 for women. 320-523-2313.

Pezhekee National Golf Course

South of Glenwood, on State Highway 104, turn right onto Pezhekee Road.

One of the few resort golf courses in Minnesota. The fairways cut through a maple, lime and oak forest, lush greenery, varied natural terrain, bridges and offer views of Lake Minnewaska. Several water hazards, evenly balanced with par 3s, par 4s and par 5s, some ravines and fairly deep woods.

18 holes, par 72, 7,263 yards for men; par 75, 6,295 yards for women; slope of 119. You must make a reservation for starting times. 320-634-4501.

Pomme de Terre Golf Course

Three miles south of Morris on State Highway 9

A rolling course with narrow fairways and sand situations affecting four holes. Each hole has two or three tree lines. Both par 3s have water hazards.

18 holes, par 72, 5,995 yards for men; 4,889 yards for women; slope of 129 for men and 119 for women. Reservations for tee time accepted, 320-392-1009.

East edge of Brooten along Highway 55

The wide open prairie course has three water hazards. A reversible nine-hole course, play in one direction one day and the other the next.

9 holes, par 36, 3,078 yards for men; 2,627 yards for women; slope of 126 for men and 121 for women. Reservations five days in advance, 320-346-2677.

Section 5A Golf 052423 004.jpg

Kenna Henriksen of BOLD High School tees off during the Section 5A Girls Golf Tournament at Eagle Creek Golf Club on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

Macy Moore / West Central Tribune

101 E. Oak Street, Redwood Falls

One of the most beautiful courses in the state features an island green at No. 3 and a 100-foot waterfall overlooking the Redwood River Valley at No. 17.

18 holes, par 70, 5,698 yards for men; 4,958 yards for women; slope of 120 for men and 113 for women. Call for tee times, 507-627-8901.

Highway 212, west of Montevideo

The track runs north to south above and below the bluff overlooking the Minnesota River valley. The river comes into play as a water hazard on five holes. Trees come into play on several holes.

18 holes, par 72, 6,190 yards for men; 5,735 yards for women; slope of 127 for men and 121 for women. Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance, 320-231-1281.

One mile south and two miles west of Renville

This nine-hole course has a very good layout and is both challenging and scenic.

9 holes, par 36; 3,438 yards for men; 3,266 yards for women; slope of 144 for men and 141 for women. Call for tee times, 320-779-4653.

Eastern edge of Willmar, just off Lakeland Drive at Becker Avenue

This course has a number of hills and creeks to cross. A nine-hole course with some old trees.

9 holes, par 35, 2,479 yards for men, slope of 105; 2,212 yards for women. No reservations will be taken for tee times.

New for 2024 is the Willmar Indoor Golf experience at the Uptown Willmar Mall, offering golf simulator technology for those rainy summer days. There are more than 800 virtual golf courses to choose from, and visitors can play individually or in a group of up to five.

Opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 10am to 10pm, Friday from 10am to 11pm, Saturday from 8am to 11pm and Sunday from 8am to 8pm.

Tee times can be booked online at