They condemned the unlawful flights of small aircraft in the Quebrada del Condorito National Park

The warning and outrage generated on social media is what the video reveals two small planes fly illegally over the Quebrada del Condorito National Parkin the middle of the Sierras Grandes de Córdoba, the place where condors teach their chicks to fly.

These photos were launched last Saturday by the Environmental Press Room. The text accompanying the video emphasizes that overflights of motorized aircraft in protected areas are prohibited.

This has been established in the context of the general prohibition of Law No. 22,351 for national parks, natural monuments and nature reserves: “The operation of aerial flights with a powered aircraft, other than those on business, naval and civil routes which – given the terrain, climatic conditions or proximity to airports in space – should not have different routes, and people who are supposed to the operation of the aircraft. search and rescue, combating accidents, accidents, scientific research, technical investigations and everything related to actions related to its care and management. (Subsection integrated by artwork. 1 of law no. 26.389 BO 25-06-2008)“.

The administration of the Quebrada Del Condorito National Park confirmed this fact, but did not present specific data because it is not licensed by the National Parks Administration, a company dependent on the national authorities.