Alex Rodriguez is in for a rude awakening amid the Timberwolves’ ownership battle

The Minnesota Timberwolves are facing battles on two fronts, both on and off the field. On the one hand, the Wolves continued their playoff run by eliminating defending champion Denver Nuggets in the second round. However, incumbent owner Glen Taylor is facing a lawsuit against future owners Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore for trying to back out of a deal to sell the team, which is now led by energetic guard Anthony Edwards.

The winner of the Timberwolves ownership lawsuit can only achieve a victory that amounts to defeat, Zach Lowe and Kevin Pelton said on The Lowe Post podcast. This is mainly due to top-heavy contracts for Anthony Edwards and Karl Anthony-Towns, among others, which would send the team over the salary cap.

“I have…good news and bad news for whoever wins this ridiculous battle for ownership of the Minnesota Timberwolves…you’re in financial prison. Like you have to keep this team together. They are clearly too good and I’m sorry you just have to pay a lot of luxury taxes. Too bad,” said Lowe, describing the ownership dispute as “embarrassing.”

In the Timberwolves, Anthony Edwards and Karl Anthony-Towns play a big reward

Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor and Alex Rodriguez
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Glen Taylor pulled out of the deal to sell the Timberwolves to duo Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore, a previous report said, in part because the pair submitted financial projections that would require the team to cut salaries in the 2024-2025 season. The projections would result in a total salary of $171 million, under the $172 million cap, which would mean the team would pay a luxury tax of $25 million in a tax split of about $6.5 million.

According to Zach Lowe, once the Rodriguez-Lore partnership takes over ownership of the Timberwolves, they will pay Anthony Edwards his deal of approximately $204.5 million through the 2028-2029 season, and Karl Anthony-Towns his $221.1 million through the 2027-2028 season. , and Rudy Gobert up to $205.0 million via his player option in 2025-2026. Jaden McDaniels is also on the books for $131.0 million through 2029.

The Timberwolves’ messy ownership battle could spill over into the trophy presentation

Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore continue to attend the Timberwolves’ playoff games at the Target Center in Minneapolis as if they still intend to own the team despite their bitter feud with Glen Taylor. This led to an interesting discussion between Zach Lowe and Kevin Pelton about who should receive and keep the trophies, should the Timberwolves win both the Western Conference and NBA titles.

“If the Timberwolves win the championship, will A-Rod and Marc Lore happily try to jump on stage? Because I assume it’s in the NBA Constitution that the trophy is presented to the governor of the team, which would still be Glen Taylor,” Pelton said.

‘No, do you know who they should hand it over to? In that case, none of you will get the trophy,” Lowe replied. “Forget the owners, give (the trophy) to Crunch (the Timberwolves mascot) or bring out (Kevin Garnett) or someone like that.”

The Timberwolves’ playoff run continues when they host the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday, May 22 at 8:30 PM ET.