Who will be on the 2024 ballot in the Louisville area?

Early voting has closed and Election Day for Kentucky’s 2024 primary is set for Tuesday, with much at stake in Louisville and the surrounding region.

The primaries decided on Tuesday will determine which candidates will appear on the ballot in this year’s general election, which takes place on November 5. This year’s elections are about more than our next U.S. president — every seat in the Kentucky House and all the odd-numbered Senate states. There are seats at stake, along with several other local races such as Metro Council.

Here’s a look at the races that will appear on the ballots in Jefferson County, as well as some of our surrounding Kentucky counties (the Indiana primary took place earlier this month). Many of these races involve smaller districts within the county, meaning not every race in Jefferson County will appear on every ballot in Jefferson County. You can view a sample ballot for your district by entering your address into a portal on the county clerk’s website. Additionally, this list does not include primary races with only one candidate.

Polls close at 6pm on Tuesday and results should start rolling in shortly afterwards. Stay up to date with the evening’s action by updating coverage at


  • District 29: Timothy Findley Jr. vs. Matthew Pfaadt vs. Ricky Santiago (D); Wyatt Allison vs. Chris Lewis vs. Debbie Peden (R)
  • District 30: Daniel Grossberg vs. Mitra Subedi (D)
  • District 31: Colleen Orsella Davis vs. Carma Bell Marshall (D)
  • District 36: Colin McDowell vs. William “Woody” Zorn (D)
  • District 40: Nima Kulkarni vs. William Zeitz (D)
  • District 41: Rick Adams vs. Mary Lou Marzian (D)
  • District 42: Jonathan Musselwhite vs. Jack W. Walker vs. Joshua Watkins (D)
  • District 44: Beverly Chester-Burton vs. Daniel Cockrell vs. Shreeta Waldon (D)
  • District 48 (including parts of Oldham County): Kate Farrow vs. Debbie Wesslund (D)
  • District 49 (Bullitt County): William Harned vs. Thomas Huff (R)


  • District 7 (east of Louisville, includes parts of Jefferson County): Ed Gallrein vs. Aaron Reed vs. Adrienne Southworth (R)
  • District 33: Gerald Neal vs. Attica Scott (D)

Louisville Metro Council

  • District 2: Barbara Shanklin vs. Latosha Harrison (D)
  • District 4: Carol Clark vs. Joshua Crowder vs. Joseph “Jody” Dahmer vs. Mary K. Hall vs. Ken Herndon vs. Bobbie James vs. Dino Johnson vs. Demetrius McDowell vs. Stan Moore vs. Dennisha Rivers vs. Bridgett Smith (D)
  • District 6: Phillip Baker vs. Kate Dittmeier Holm vs. JP Lyninger (D)
  • District 8: Ben Reno-Weber vs. Taylor McGovern-U’Sellis (D)
  • District 12: Jennifer Brown vs. Jonathan “JJ” Joseph vs. Ryan Thompson (R)
  • District 14: Cindi Fowler vs. Autumn Lockhart vs. Neal A. Robertson (D); Crystal Ann Barajas vs. Crystal Bast (R)
  • District 18: Bonnie Jung vs. Marilyn Parker (right)
  • District 20: Brian Abrams vs. Stuart Benson (right)
  • District 22: Kevin Bratcher vs. Robert John Zoeller Jr. (R)
  • District 24: Tyra Thomas-Walker vs. Ryan Vittitow (D)

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