Highlands regional incubation center opens market opportunities for sweet potato farmers

The establishment of the Highlands Regional incubation center by the Small Medium Enterprise Corporation (SME Corporation) will be a boost to the local economy as it blossoms.

MKB Corporation Managing Director Petrus Ralda said this project will have maximum impact on the Highlands and the cash flow of social and economic goods to the people of the Highlands will be enormous.

The sweet potato factory will be built in Minj, Jiwaka province.

The factory project will specialize in sweet potato by-products, such as starch and animal feed.

The economic benefits include:

  • Market potential: The center can support the development and growth of sweet potato-related businesses, such as processing, value addition and marketing, to meet the increasing demand for sweet potato products in the region
  • Local economy and livelihood: By establishing a business incubation center (BIC), the project can support the development of innovative and sustainable businesses around sweet potato, thus contributing to income generation and economic growth of the local community. This, in turn, can improve the livelihoods of farmers and individuals involved in the sweet potato value chain.
  • Value addition and market access: Establishing a BIC specialized in sweet potato can facilitate value-added activities, such as the processing of sweet potato into chips, flour or other value-added products. This can help farmers and entrepreneurs capture a larger share of the value chain and access higher value markets, including urban centers and export markets. By supporting the development of processing and value-adding businesses, the BIC can help increase income levels for farmers and entrepreneurs in the highlands.
  • Sustainability and resilience: Sweet potato is a resilient and adaptable crop, well suited to the climate and terrain of the highlands. Establishing a BIC focused on sweet potato could promote sustainable agricultural practices, resilience to climate change and long-term food security in the region.

The project can provide access to training, resources and technology to help farmers improve their cultivation techniques, reduce production risks and increase the sustainability of sweet potato production.

The company is working with the Jiwaka provincial government to establish the Highlands Regional Business Incubation Centre.

The concept design for the regional BIC in the Highlands, including the sweet potato factory, was recently presented to the provincial government of Jiwaka in Minj.