The best big city for a British holiday revealed

THE best and worst big cities for a holiday in Britain have been revealed, with a “vibrant” and “vibrant” destination coming out on top.

Consumer watchdog Which one? researched the experiences of 4,000 members to find the best big city for a holiday in Britain.

Liverpool has been voted the best big city for a holiday in BritainCredit: Alamy
Edinburgh (pictured) was the highest ranked British capital on the listCredit: Getty

The consumer experts analyzed 4,000 members about their experiences of visiting British cities over the past two years.

Each of the destinations was ranked based on factors such as accommodation, food and drink, cultural and tourist attractions, ease of getting around, lack of crowds and value for money, with each destination receiving an overall score of 100 percent .

Liverpool took first place with an overall score of 84 percent, beating capitals such as Edinburgh (83 percent), Belfast (77 percent), London (76 percent) and Cardiff (72 percent).

The northern city received a whopping five stars in the cultural sites and tourist attractions category, thanks to its impressive range of cultural and historical attractions that extend far beyond the Beatles.

It also scored four out of five stars for factors such as food and drink, shopping, accommodation, lack of crowds and value for money.

Which? Respondents described Liverpool as “vibrant” and “buzzing” in their answers.

One person said: “It has everything you could want. Great for dining, great for sightseeing and famous places and very friendly people.”

Edinburgh and York finished joint second, with both achieving five stars for cultural sites and tourist attractions.

While Edinburgh received four stars for food and drink, shopping, ease of transport and overall value for money, York also received four stars in categories including shopping, accommodation, ease of transport, value for money and food and drink.

At the other end of the table, both Swansea and Leicester received an overall score of 58 percent.

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Derby was the lowest rated major city in the survey as it received an overall score of 56 percent.

The East Midlands city received two stars for food and drink, accommodation, cultural and tourist attractions, shopping and ease of transport.

One respondent said: “There are not many cultural attractions in the city centre, the Museum of Making is worth a visit.”

Despite being Britain’s “nightlife capital”, Leicester also failed to impress, receiving just two stars for accommodation and ease of getting around.

According to research by Which? there were several holidaymakers experiencing problems using public transport in Leicester.

One person told Which?: “Getting into Leicester isn’t easy for newbies. It all seems too complicated.”

It has everything you could want

However, the city received four stars for its shopping experience and lack of crowds.

Swansea, which also received an overall score of 58 percent, received just two stars for food and drink, cultural and tourist attractions, shopping, ease of transport and parking.

The Welsh city was praised for its proximity to the Gower Peninsula, with one visitor saying: “Swansea is fine as a city, but the main draw is the coast and countryside on your doorstep.”

Rory Boland, editor of what? Travel, said: “Whether you’re looking for vibrant nightlife, world-class museums or a premium dining experience, our research shows that Britain has a wealth of fantastic cities waiting to be explored.

“Liverpool stood out among Britain’s major cities for its fantastic cultural scene and vibrant atmosphere, beating London and Britain’s other capitals to take top spot.

“For those looking for a more relaxing destination, Somerset is the place to be, with both Bath and Wells ranking highly and each offering a wealth of historical and cultural attractions.”

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Visit Hull: an underrated northern gem

As a travel writer based in Birmingham, I feel it is my duty to stand up for underrated towns and cities in Britain.

These destinations are often full of wonderful surprises, from award-winning museums to historic monuments and quirky pubs, they usually have it all.

I found this to be the case when I visited Hull earlier this year. The city is experiencing something of a renaissance and was even named one of Time Out’s best places to visit in 2024.

Recently, Hull has enjoyed a showbiz boom, with the Old Town being used as the setting for blockbusters and popular Netflix TV shows such as The Crown and Bodies. The cobbled streets and narrow alleys are the perfect dupe for Dickensian London, with film locations getting their own stop on the It Must Be Hullywood walking trail.

If you’re short on time, head to Hull Minster, where you can climb 170 steps to reach the roof for stunning views of the city.

You can read everything about my city trip to Hull here.

Meanwhile, an oft-ridiculed town in the north of England has the cheapest beers in the country and has been named a top destination to visit in 2024.

This is why Britain’s unlikely new ‘best city’ is my favorite weekend getaway: it has the friendliest people in the country.

Which? named Derby the worst big city for a British holidayCredit: Alamy
Liverpool (pictured) was named by consumer watchdog Which? voted the best big city for a holiday in Britain.Credit: Alamy