Proposed Chicago Cubs trade to land Mets Slugger not named Pete Alonso

As the Chicago Cubs look to improve their roster at the trade deadline, they are in as good a position as any baseball team to do so. The big name in recent months is Pete Alonso of the New York Mets, but it is uncertain what they plan to do with him.

Alonso and the Mets have yet to reach a contract agreement, a major story in the league as the power hitter will hit free agency at the end of the season. If New York is willing to move Alonso at the deadline, the Cubs are expected to be interested in the 29-year-old.

Chicago’s offense can certainly improve around the deadline. They currently rank 14th in home runs, 23rd in batting average, 12th in OBP and 16th in OPS. While they have dealt with injuries on the offensive end, the front office still needs to go out and land players to add to an average lineup.

In a proposed trade from Zachary Rotman of FanSided, the Cubs would trade for a Mets hitter not named Alonso. The deal would send Ben Brown to New York and J.D. Martinez to Chicago.

“With Christopher Morel playing third base regularly, the Cubs have the opportunity to add a player like Martinez, who is still just a DH at this stage of his career,” Rotman wrote. “While that would mean less playing time for one of their outfielders like Ian Happ or Mike Tauchman or a position change for Michael Busch, players of Martinez’s caliber don’t come around often.”

Martinez, who made his debut in 2011, has been one of the best hitters in baseball over the past decade. There aren’t many hitters left in baseball who do what he does every year, and the same can be said for this season.

At age 36, the Florida native is hitting .315/.359/.466 in 73 plate appearances. He signed late in the offseason, pushing back his 2024 debut.

However, it appears Martinez’s ability to hit isn’t going anywhere as he continued to rake after being named an All-Star last season, a year in which he hit 33 home runs.

Looking for a bat, there may not be many better at the deadline than the veteran.