Bilingual sections: Ministry of Education receives 1.8 thousand requests to start bilingual sections | Bengaluru News

Bengaluru: The school education and literacy department plans to add 2,000 bilingual sections in government schools this year. The department has received 1,800 applications so far but is still examining them, even though the academic year starts on May 29. Schools with bilingual sections are schools with both English and Kannada medium sections. As of 2019-20, there are 2,404 such schools. The textbooks for English medium students are in both Kannada and English so that children can understand the lessons easily. The first group has reached grade 6 and from then on the textbooks will only be in English. This year, the department hopes to add another 2,000 such schools, which could double the number of English-language sections available in the state. To date, 1,800 applications have been received. Of these, 872 sections are from the Kalyana Karnataka region, which consists of seven districts. Schools there have also sought 1,008 early childhood care and education centers. After examining the applications, the department will recommend the eligible schools in terms of infrastructure and faculties. “There will probably not be enough registrations to reach the initial target of 2,000. We will submit the list of eligible schools,” an official said. However, officials are also concerned about the lack of eligible personnel to run these sections. “The ambition for English medium is high. There is pressure from school development monitoring committees, panchayat bodies and politically influential people to promote these sections in schools. However, the concern is about the lack of qualified English teachers. Though schools are planning to recruit guest teachers, it is difficult to find even them in rural areas,” an official said. “The next academic year starts on May 29. When will admissions begin, textbooks and other materials be supplied, teachers identified and guest teachers appointed? Schools have yet to receive confirmation on these matters. Teacher training usually only takes place in November and December. By then the academic year is over and that doesn’t help anyone. For this, we need to start these processes early,” said a teacher trainer. However, officials said the process has been delayed due to the model code of conduct for Lok Sabha polls. “We will inform schools to be ready and the order will be issued once the code of conduct is lifted,” an official said.

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