Growth could be slowed by concerns about Wildwood’s wastewater capacity

Wildwood City Manager Jason McHugh updated city officials Monday on current and projected wastewater treatment capacity and reported that new comprehensive plan change applications will be delayed.

During the special City Commission meeting, McHugh assured commissioners that the projects approved thus far will not jeopardize the city’s ability to handle the flows generated by the new development. He explained that planning staff will refrain from recommending further comprehensive plan changes until the wastewater treatment plant upgrade project adds significant additional capacity.

“I want to be clear that we have not and will not exceed authorized capacity on projects that the commission has approved,” McHugh said. “And I want to maintain that level of certainty, rather than jeopardize the city’s ability to continue to provide high-quality services to all residents.”

Properties already included in the City’s Comprehensive Plan will not be affected and are already being considered in the capacity analysis. Only properties outside the city limits and/or the joint plan area would be subject to the change.

In a memo McHugh explained to the committee that staff will continue to monitor wastewater flows and closely examine demand as the wastewater treatment plant project progresses. That project is expected to bring the city’s total treatment capacity to 5.5 million gallons per day upon completion, scheduled for early 2027.

“Wildwood prides itself on its level of service in all areas,” said McHugh. “As the city grows, it is essential that we manage our growth in a way that does not compromise service delivery. I am confident in our proactive approach to planning and development and applaud the committee’s thoughtfulness and consideration of the long-term implications in balancing the wants and needs of both current and future residents and businesses.