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TURNOUT in the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha elections in 49 constituencies in eight states and Union Territories crossed 60 per cent at 11:30 pm on Monday – close to the turnout for the same seats in 2019.

In a statement, the Election Commission said the “approximate turnout” in the fifth phase was 60.09 percent. The EC said the number could be revised and the final turnout would be announced on Friday after taking into account any re-polls.

With turnout likely to rise, turnout in these seats could be close to 61.82 percent in 2019.

Continuing the trend of increasing votes in Jammu and Kashmir, Baramulla recorded a provisional voter turnout of 56.73 percent – ​​the highest since 1984. In 2019, Baramulla had recorded a polling of 34.6 percent, but the limits of the seat are changed since then. was done in J&K in 2022.

In Baramulla, National Conference leader Omar Abdullah will take on separatist-turned-politician and former minister Sajad Lone, who heads the People’s Conference, and Awami Ittehad Party leader and former MLA Abdul Rashid Sheikh alias Engineer Rashid put in prison.

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Barring Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, the other states that voted on Monday recorded lower turnout compared to 2019, as per estimates at 11:30 p.m.

The fourteen seats in Uttar Pradesh where the elections were held recorded a voter turnout of 57.79 percent at 11:30 pm. Amethi, where BJP MP Smriti Irani is contesting against Congress’s KL Sharma, had a voter turnout of 54.15 per cent; Raebareli, where Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is in the fray, recorded a voter turnout of 57.85 percent.

With the fifth phase, elections in all 48 Lok Sabha constituencies of Maharashtra are over. On Monday, the thirteen seats from Maharashtra that voted recorded the lowest turnout at 54.29 percent. Mumbai’s six seats, where low turnout has remained a concern for years, recorded turnout figures between 47 and 56 percent.

West Bengal, which had seven seats in the fifth phase, recorded the highest voter turnout of 74.65 percent, followed by Ladakh (one seat) with 69.62 percent. Bihar, with five seats, polled 54.85 percent.

With the completion of the fifth phase, with 8.95 crore voters spread across 94,732 polling stations, 428 of the 543 Lok Sabha constituencies have voted. Polling has been completed in 25 states and Union Territories.

Elections for 35 parliamentary seats of Odisha were also held on Monday.

According to the EC, the first four phases of the Lok Sabha elections saw a total voter turnout of 66.95 percent. While the first three phases saw a decline, the 96 constituencies in the fourth phase recorded 69.16 rounds of voting – slightly higher than the 68.8 percent turnout in these seats in 2019.

In the first phase on April 19, when 102 constituencies went to the polls, the final turnout was 66.14 percent, compared to about 69.29 percent in 2019. In the second phase, on April 26, when 88 seats voted, the final turnout was 66.71 percent, compared to 69.43 percent in 2019. In the third phase on May 7, the final turnout in 93 constituencies was 65.68 percent, compared to 66.58 percent in 2019.

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