Trinity Metro cuts bus routes and Dash expands ZipZone

ZipZone is another option for passengers to skip the preset bus stops and go to a destination within specific service boundaries.

Trinity Subway

Trinity Metro will realign transit routes to all corners of Fort Worth in September.

The transit authority voted unanimously Monday afternoon to shut down five underperforming bus routes, with some services replaced by the rideshare program ZipZone. Trinity Metro leaders plan to reallocate the vehicles, operators and additional funds to other, more popular programs in hopes of improving their frequency.

Trinity Metro’s 37 fixed bus routes carry hundreds of thousands of passengers every month. According to data from the authorities, more than half of bus commuters use only five lines (buses 1, 2, 5, 6 and 89); the 17 worst-performing routes collectively serve only 10% of passengers.

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Among the least used routes are Route 28 (which winds through southeast Fort Worth to Forest Hill) and Route 45 (which winds around the north side); both routes will be replaced by ZipZone service. Route 23, which connects Trinity Lakes Station and the northeast campus of Tarrant County College, will become an on-demand service. The Dash, which runs between the Cultural District and the city center, will be completely demolished. This also applies to the 66 Express, which runs from downtown to Candleridge.

Routes 5 and 15 are expected to be the main beneficiaries of the reorganization. Trinity Metro plans to double the frequency of Route 5 buses (from every 30 to every 15 minutes), welcome news for the more than 500 daily passengers who use the line to get between the South Side and downtown. Partygoers in the Stockyards now have until 12.45pm to hitch a ride on the 15 bus, an hour later than normal.

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