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Have you ever wondered where the night owls roam the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex when the sun goes down?

Photo book company Mixbook recently conducted a fascinating study in April 2024, reaching 3,000 self-proclaimed night owls, each with their own unique preferences and experiences in the dark, in approximately 150 places across the country.

According to the survey, Dallas’ Deep Ellum neighborhood is one of the top 10 places where it really comes alive at night.

Deep Ellum

Surveyors ranked Deep Ellum as the ninth most enjoyable place to hang out. They cited a wide range of live music venues, bars and clubs as reasons for their enjoyment.

Deep Ellum is considered a focal point for nightlife. It attracts excited crowds who appreciate the varied music and lively street scene, making it a cultural hub.

A documentary about the groundbreaking Deep Ellum nightclub “The Church” premiered at the Dallas International Film Festival in April. North Texas filmmakers Austin Hayes and Timothy Stevens, who were part of the club’s “congregation,” produced the film.

Top 10 Twilight Cities for Night Owls in America

  • #1: Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada
  • #2: The French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • #3: Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii
  • #4: SoHo in Manhattan, New York
  • #5: Downtown Anchorage, Alaska
  • #6: Savannah Historic District in Georgia
  • #7: Old Colorado Town in Colorado Springs
  • #8: Downtown Nashville, Tennessee
  • #9: Deep Ellum in Dallas
  • #10: Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii

The full diagram and methodology can be found on the company’s site.